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Based upon true events, “Immortal Hero” is a dramatic, inspiring account of how Ryuho Okawa, teacher, healer, best-selling international author and visionary spiritual leader of the budding Happy Science religious movement, came to recognize his miraculous abilities and the obligation they carry to share the truth with the world.

Based on Okawa’s actual, life-changing events, and written for the screen by his daughter, Sayaka Okawa, this poignant biography recounts how an extraordinary man has ascended to become a world-changing faith leader.

Makoto Mioya is a successful, fortyish, Japanese writer and publisher living a model suburban life with his wife and three children. When he unexpectedly collapses and must be rushed by ambulance to the hospital, it becomes a desperate race against time. His examining doctors are fearful that Makoto will not survive the grave heart condition they discover. However, as the doctors tell his family to prepare for the worst, Makoto has other plans.

Unbeknownst to anyone but Makoto, he has been communicating with powerful spiritual beings of the ages and accessing their wisdom and advice for most of his adult life. In a near-death visitation at the hospital, the spiritual beings come to him to remind Makoto that he can cure himself with the power of his own mind.

His wife and young doctor don’t believe this is possible, so they encourage Makoto to undergo a last-ditch surgery in an attempt to forestall his imminent death. But an older doctor, a sage in his own right, suggests that Makoto has the right to try and heal himself by whatever extraordinary means he can, even if it means foregoing medical treatment.  Makoto surprises everyone and begins recovering, channeling the powerful wisdom from beyond and his own willpower. He miraculously reverses the effects of his fatal heart condition and recovers completely, to the amazement and gratitude of his wife and children.

As part of the recovery process, Makoto writes about his powerful ‘rebirth’ as an enlightened and transformed teacher. He promises to use the second chance at life he has been blessed with to make a positive difference for as many people as possible. He commits to ‘die for the truth’, a powerful covenant that defines the purity and intensity of his message of love, our mutual responsibility for each other, and world peace.

But some people doubt the power of his healing wisdom, including his wife, who begins to feel separate and apart from the loving husband she once thought she knew. And, as he travels to London amid deadly terrorist attacks to make an important speech, things at home are unraveling. His children are facing pressures of their own, without the support of the parents they love and need.

In London, Makoto delivers a powerful speech about what might be possible for a world that can put its differences aside and accept God’s love. The speech is an instant sensation, enhancing Makoto’s stature in Japan and worldwide. Yet, upon returning home, Makoto must face the discord within his own family, head-on and courageously.

Makoto considers the needs of his own family and the unwavering commitment he’s made to ‘the family of man’. As he and his family members choose their paths and their destiny, Makoto reconnects and recommits to both his family and his mission.

If you’re seeing his story, you, too, are making an extraordinary connection and sharing and connecting with God’s love.

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